Meet in Place Brings its Innovative Meeting Room Concept to New York and London

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January 2019: Meet in Place, the start-up revolutionising the business meet-ing experience, marks its global entrance with the opening of four new locations. Now boasting a total of five locations worldwide, one in London, three in New York City and one in Tel Aviv, Meet in Place offers fully serviced, design-led meet-ing rooms, providing a high-quality solution for small businesses, big corporations and freelancers to conduct off-site and productive business meetings.

The Concept

Meet in Place CEO and founder, Yaron Kopel saw a lack of affordable and easily accessible meetings rooms around the world. With the rise of open office designs, and shared co-working spaces there are fewer private spaces in the work place and a growing need for an off-site location catered to meetings. Noticing this problem, Kopel, serial entrepreneur and previous Head of Innovation and Design at Sodastream, brought his vast knowledge in developing unique user experiences and founded Meet in Place as a solution to this problem and as a viable alternative to loud, often-full coffee shops or costly hotel conference rooms.

"The best way to describe Meet in Place is a ‘Boutique hotel for meeting rooms,” says Yaron Kopel, CEO and Founder of Meet in Place. “All our locations around the globe share our brand values of intelligent design, prime location and high level of service, so no matter where you go, you know exactly what you will get”.

The concept is built on two pillars- service and design. To ensure a smooth and simple user experience, Meet in Place offers flexible and on-demand service where users can rent a room on an hourly basis up to half an hour in advance through their easy-to-use website, by phone or app. The experience is commit-ment free, with no membership necessary.

Meet in Place offers all the necessary amenities for an impressive business meeting- a welcoming waiting room and reception desk with an on-site team there to cater to any specific. Rooms come equipped with wireless connections to 4K screens, digital art provided by Niio, the premium platform for fine digital art, and a range of food and beverage options upon request.

The Design

Specialising in meeting rooms designed with a global mindset, yet local touch, Meet in Place collaborates with some of the world’s top workplace designers, such as New York-based Float Studio to ensure that each complex is created to em-power the user to run a smooth and professional meeting. The Scandinavian inspired interiors create an open and inviting environment, providing a pleasing and functional place to work and meet.

Meet in Place Hallway and Grand Conference Room, Nassau St., New York- Image Credit Aaron Thompson

“We wanted to create bright, comfortable meeting areas,” says Jacob Peres, Creative Director of Meet in Place “It was important for us to create spaces that provide clean, well-serviced and pleasant environments that are neither intimidating through over-design nor feel uninspiring because of a traditional office design.”

All Meet in Place complexes around the world are located in prime locations of major global cities with large windows overlooking the neighbourhood. The meeting rooms come in four categories, Classic and Grand Conference Rooms, Salons and Grand Salons which can hold between 2-30 people. Meet in Place is already used by international corporations, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.



For media enquiries and further information, please contact: David Hoffman,

London 24 King William Street, London EC4R 9AT, UK; opened December 2018.

New York

87 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038, USA; opened November 2018. 75 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA; opened January 2019.

675 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA; opened January 2019.

Tel Aviv 8 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv-Yafo; opened 2016.

About Meet in Place

Founded by serial entrepreneur Yaron Kopel and his business partner Michael Dorsman in 2016, Meet in Place was built around one simple idea, the belief that all meetings matter. Meet in Place boasts 5 global location across the world with three in New York City, one in London and another in Tel Aviv and is expected to open over 50 locations throughout Europe and the United States over the next three years.

Each Meet in Place location has a range of rooms appealing to customer’s various needs. There are three room categories: Salon, Classic Conference and Grand Confer-ence room holding between 2-30 people. All rooms are fully equipped with the neces-sities required to conduct productive business meetings; the benefits include high-speed Wi-Fi, screens, projectors, phones, drawing boards, USBs, and coffee ma-chines. As it’s a serviced space, you can order tea, coffee, snacks and food packages delivered directly to your office, and complimentary still & sparkling water is in-cluded with each booking.

Meet in Place currently boasts more than 1,000 clients spanning over a wide vari-ety of industries, including Fortune 500 companies.


About Yaron Kopel

Yaron Kopel is an accomplished entrepreneur who specialises in user experience, innovation, design & branding. Prior to co-founding Meet in Place in 2016, Kopel was the Chief Product, Innovation and Design Officer at SodaStream Interna-tional, and is the innovator behind many successful start-ups in Israel including Zer4u, Israel’s leading chain of florists. In 2003 Kopel was awarded young entre-preneur of the year in a global contest sponsored by Ernst & Young and the entre-preneur holds a BA in business and economics from the Tel Aviv Academy.

About Michael Dorsman

A respected figure in Israeli basketball, Michael Dorsman who is known for his achievements as a coach and chairman of Hapoel Holon, making history by leading the club to a national championship in 2008. Making a name for himself as a creative basketball coach, Dorsman is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur with a global portfolio of real estate. He was also one of the first 26 investors at co-working company WeWork.

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