Design Museum Holon presents Hide & Seek

A solo exhibition showcasing the design and artistry of renowned Dutch designer Maarten Baas: an overview featuring over a decade of works  

November 27, 2018 – April 27, 2019

Smoke Chair, 2004, Maarten Baas. Groninger Museum Collection, Groningen (NL).

Smoke Chair, 2004, Maarten Baas. Groninger Museum Collection, Groningen (NL).

October 2018: Design Museum Holon presents Hide and Seek, a major exhibition overviewing the works of renowned designer, Maarten Baas. The Museum will feature over a decade of Baas’ diverse body of works, from limited edition pieces to conceptual objects. A bold and influential character in the design world, Baas’ multi-faceted portfolio of infinitely imaginative projects has captured world-wide recognition.

“Design Museum Holon always strives to broaden the perspective of design to our visitors,” says Maya Dvash, Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon. “Maarten Baas’ works, which lie on the border between art and design, show our audiences a different spectrum of design culture through his compelling, inspiring, and surprising projects.”

Displayed across Design Museum Holon will be a variety of installations, objects, and video performances by Baas. The Lower & Upper Galleries of the Museum are to represent ‘introvert and extrovert’, embodying a game of Hide & Seek, a play on the title of the retrospective. Curated by Mark Wilson and Sue-an van der Zijpp, Hide & Seek is a travelling exhibition, which originally premiered at The Groninger Museum in the Netherlands last year.

"Hiding and seeking is my character and my way of working," says Maarten Baas,providing two extremes of contemplative and expressive works. “Presenting in Design Museum Holon will differ from my previous exhibitions and will reflect these two extremes.”

The Lower Galley of the Museum is to represent more expressive, extroverted works that will take the visitor through a number of bright and multicoloured installations. Clay (2006) will be featured; a series of colourful handmade furniture pieces made of industrial clay, as well as Baas is in Town (2014), a ‘circus’ with lights and vibrant colours that was recognised with Best Show Award at Milan Design Week in 2014.

The Upper Galley is to present more introverted works, such as the widely popular series, Smoke (2002), Baas’ graduation project from Eindhoven Design Academy. For this series, Baas burned several Baroque pieces of furniture after covering each in transparent epoxy resin, resulting in a remarkable finish, sparking ideas of aesthetic, consumerism, and purpose. This evocative nature will also be displayed through Real Time (2009), a series of timepieces, including 12-hour video works of actors indicating time by manually changing the dials on a clock in different forms.  

‘Maarten Baas, Hide & Seek’

is organized by Design Museum Holon and the Groninger Museum,

the Netherlands


A smaller exhibition to be previewed at Design Museum Holon, Time Machines, similarly explores the concept of time. Twenty-five works by Israeli designers examine the dimension of time and use it as a material or co-creator. Ten original works are created especially for the exhibition curated by Noga Shimshon and Rona Zinger. An additional exhibition, Working Together: Design and Engineering, touches on areas of product design, engineering and technology. Curated by Efrat Barak and made in collaboration with Dyson, this exhibition connects technology and science to behaviour and functionality.


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In October 2017, Design Museum Holon was selected by National Geographic Traveller as one of the 15 must-see museums around the world.

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About Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas (born February 19, 1978) is a Dutch designer. From 1979, Baas grew up in Burgh-Haamstede and Hemmen located in the southwest and central region of the Netherlands. After graduating from high school, he began studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1996. Baas is considered to be one of the most influential Dutch designers of the beginning of the 21st century. He is often described as an “author designer,” of which his works lie on the boundaries between art and design. His work is known as rebellious, playful, intellectual, theatrical and artistic. He has gained an autonomous position in the design field, and his work varies from conceptual designs, limited editions, production design, installations, public space, architecture, interior design, theatre design and performances. His works are in major museum collections, such as the MoMa, Victoria & Albert Museum, Les Arts Decoratifs, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Die Neue Sammlung, Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. He has worked for exclusive brands, such as Louis VuittonSwarovskiDior, Gramercy Park Hotel, Dom Ruinart and Berluti. From 2005, Baas has collaborated with Bas den Herder as his production partner.


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