DECODING CRAFTSMANSHIP II: 23 September 2017 Joseph Walsh Studio, Cork, Ireland



23 September 2017

Joseph Walsh Studio, Cork, Ireland

A one-day conference hosted by Joseph Walsh Studio inviting world renowned designers to explore how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture

                                          The Campana Brothers+Lacoste Shirt

                                          The Campana Brothers+Lacoste Shirt

September 2017: Internationally renowned architects, designers, and craftsmen from Europe and South America are participating in a seminar in the rural countryside town of Fartha in County Cork, Ireland. Entitled “Decoding Craftsmanship II”, the seminar takes place on September 23, 2017, at Joseph Walsh Studio and is moderated by Deirdre McQuillan, Fashion Editor at the Irish Times. The event explores how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture, whilst generating stimulating discussions between partakers and prominent designers.


Decoding Craftsmanship is an event aiming to attract both professionals and people interested in the culture of making, within the disciplines of design, art, architecture, craft, and fashion, offering a new perspective both within and outside their own disciplines.

The seminar features varied approaches to making by different practitioners, from the highly refined work of John Makepeace to the explosive design of Campana, demonstrating how both are rooted in the ‘making’ culture, whilst showcasing the similarities between their diverse works.

Speakers include London-based contemporary furniture designer, Gareth Neal, who will explore digital manufacturing in the future. Brazil-based furniture designer Humberto Campana, will analyse the importance of craft as a form of expression. UK-based furniture designer John Makepeace will discuss the creation of works in a technology-free era. Material scientist Chris Lefteri will introduce his approach of breaking down and re-combining materials to create new materials. Jorg Berchtold, a Germany-based architect, will bring his expertise in the way manufacturing processes influence design decisions. London-based architect Hanns Gunther Schnell will present an overview of material studies, 3d forms, and their impact on the realisation of products. Joe Hogan, a renowned basket maker, will discuss the exploration and development of new designs based on old traditions. John Tuomey and Sheila O’Donnell, partners in a Dublin-based practice, will examine craft, materiality and connection to place through case studies.

                                                   Urban Picnic by Gareth Neal

                                                   Urban Picnic by Gareth Neal


As an admirer of the work created by the artists and designers who have kindly agreed to participate in this seminar, we are delighted to share their vision and the beauty of what they do, which is exemplified in projects like the Campana Brothers’ joint effort with Louis Vuitton, Melissa Shoes and Lacoste. Their presence is not only inspirational for the team at Joseph Walsh Studio, but for our clients who are passionate about design, studio contacts and external partners as well as the broader design, architecture and craft community here in Ireland and abroad." Joseph Walsh, Joseph Walsh Studio

Decoding Craftsmanship II presents an opportunity to build a bridge between creative centres like Joseph Walsh Studio in Cork and global design hubs like Milan and London through discourse amongst peers. The discussions held at the seminar aim to encourage design, making, and art aficionados to engage in a dialogue, influence decisions, and challenge traditional ideas of expression and refinement.


Notes to Editors

Decoding Craftsmanship is a one-day seminar that continues a series of conversations Joseph Walsh Studio began early in 2017 exploring how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture.

Date: 23 September 2017

Venue:  Joseph Walsh Studio - Cork

Participant Fee:  €150 (€120 student concession)

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About Joseph Walsh Studio

Joseph Walsh established his Studio in 1999 on his family’s farm, an 18th century agricultural concern on which the original Walsh Farmhouse still stands. His innate relationship with landscape and rural life dictated by the seasons continues to inform Walsh’s response to nature, to his consideration of the effect of the environment on materials which fires his imagination, inspiring his unique creations.

About Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh (born in 1979) founded his Studio and workshop in 1999 in Cork, Ireland. He is a designer maker, realising One-of-a-Kind and limited-edition pieces. Walsh’s creative approach reflects his appreciation of nature and his desire to engage the user with visual and tactile forms. Joseph Walsh was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by University College Cork in 2015 in recognition of his contribution to design. Joseph Walsh’s work can be found in many significant international Museums and Private Collections and is regularly exhibited at major art and design fairs.

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