Caesarstone presents: A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic

Caesarstone's first conceptual cookbook with recipes by food design studio Arabeschi di Latte and inspired by the elemental concept Caesarstone presented with Tom Dixon during Milan Design Week

  Photography Concept by Franscesca Sarti, Images by Tom Mannion

  Photography Concept by Franscesca Sarti, Images by Tom Mannion

January 2017: Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone announces the release of its new book A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic, created in collaboration with food design studio Arabeschi di Latte and its creative maverick Francesca Sarti. Exploring the boundaries between food and design and the inspirational capacity of Caesarstone material in the kitchen, the book continues on Caesarstone's collaboration with Sarti, first commenced for the quartz manufacturer's 2016 Milan installation. Designed by Micha Weidmann Studio, the large format book features a series of eight conceptual recipes and food stories inspired by the 4 elements Air, Ice, Earth and Fire. The recipes are represented through a series of commissioned, compelling photographs by London-based Tom Mannion and styled by Sarti, combining Caesarstone's quartz surfaces with unique art-design accessories and thematic derived food produce, such as black chanterelle mushroom, icefish, purple cauliflower and burned sage. 

Visually resonating with the Caesarstone surfaces presented in Milan and drawing inspiration from the unique qualities of the material, each of the book's eight new food creations provides a modern interpretation of traditional dishes and reflects its corresponding element utilising purposefully selected ingredients and cooking techniques. In this context, element-invoking Caesarstone designs provide the colour and work backdrop for the development of these culinary conceptions, further adding to the overall dining experience.    

The Restaurant by Caesarstone & Tom Dixon installation consisted of four kitchens inspired by the four elements – Earth, Fire, Air and Ice – and was designed by renowned British designer Tom Dixon with an elemental food concept by Arabeschi di Latte. 
"We saw great interest in the elemental food concept that Francesca devised in Milan and in the way Caesarstone was able to inspire a conceptual menu and overall design concept. Drawing on Milan's creative exercise, this new book will reinforce Caesarstone's ability to anticipate trends, not only in interiors, but also in lifestyle and food and its unique capacity to inspire creativity in both kitchen design, as well as culinary aesthetics." Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone

"The book gave me the chance to develop our Milan menu and work on eight new recipes to represent the elements that would provoke the taste buds, tantalise the eyes and echo Caesarstone’s work surfaces in a way that would further explore the boundaries between food and design. I think of this as a feeling of 'rawness' – to show the materials in a way that appeals to all the senses, which really echoes Caesarstone's aesthetic." Francesca Sarti, Arabeschi di Latte


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Eight New Recipes by Francesca Sarti


Stones Sandwiches; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surface used in the corresponding image: 5380 Emperadoro

Sourdough bread
-750g spelt flour
-720ml water
-Rye flour
-Spices: licorice or coffee powder, turmeric, poppy seeds
-Handful of oats
-Sea salt 

-100g fresh or dried black chanterelles
-Olive oil
-1 clove garlic
-1 sprig thyme
-Sea salt and pepper
-Pickled walnuts or pickled onion

Testaroli; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surface used in the corresponding image: 5134 Urban Safari

-100g spelt flour
-25g buckwheat flour
-1/2 tsp salt
-Olive oil
-100g Castelmagno cheese
-Handful cooked spelt grains
-Olive oil
-Fresh basil leaves (reserve some for decoration) 


Salty Lemonade; Makes 1 glass

*Caesarstone surfaces used in the corresponding image: 5143 White Attica, 6134 Georgian Bluffs

Salty Lemonade
-1 salted lemon wedge (see Salted Lemons recipe below)
-2 tbsp lemon balm, syrup or honey
-Sprig of fresh lemon balm
-Sparkling water or soda 

Salted Lemons
-12 medium unwaxed lemons
-350g coarse sea salt
-4 fresh bay leaves
-Handful coriander seeds
-10 cardamom pods, lightly crushed

Icefish Fritters; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surfaces used in the corresponding image: 6131 Bianco Drift

-300g icefish or sardine whitebait
-100ml water
-3 eggs
-150g flour
-Handful of chopped seaweed or rock samphire
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-Salt and pepper
-Sunflower oil (for shallow frying)
-Lemon wedges


The Dark Trophy; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surfaces used in the corresponding image: 6003 Coastal Grey, 5100 Vanilla Noir

-1 purple cauliflower
-2 tbsp olive oil
-1 tsp sea salt
-1 tsp black lava salt or rock salt
-Juice of 1 lemon
-Bunch of fresh sage

Torteau Fromager; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surface used in the corresponding image: 5100 Vanilla Noir

Shortcrust pastry
-250g flour
-125g butter
-1 egg yolk
-Pinch of salt
-2–4 tbsp of water 

-250g fresh goat’s cheese
-5 eggs
-150g powdered sugar
-2 tbsp potato starch
-Seeds from 1 vanilla pod
-1 tbsp cognac
-A little milk


Egg Tower; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surface used in the corresponding image: 4004 Raw Concrete, 6134 Georgian Bluffs

-2 duck egg whites
-500g icing sugar
-2 tsps liquid glucose
-4 tbsp chestnut honey
-200g hazelnuts

-6 egg whites
-200g caster sugar
-1 vanilla pod
-1 tbsp cornflour

Frozen egg white
-1 ostrich egg white
-220g white sugar
-1 vanilla pod

Fresh Air Flip
-1 egg yolk
-40g muscovado sugar
-60ml Marsala wine
-60ml sour cream

Snow Soup; Serves 4

*Caesarstone surface used in the corresponding image: 6134 Georgian Bluffs

-1 fresh, shelled coconut
-1 white fungus, soaked and puffed up
-2 egg whites
-100ml coconut juice
-100ml milk
-20g panela sugar or brown sugar
-A few pandan leaves or 1 small stalk of bruised lemongrass

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