Design studio Joynout launches its new product Daydream at Milan Design Week

                                           Daydream - Image by Francesco Bolis

                                           Daydream - Image by Francesco Bolis

February 2017: Design studio Joynout will be launching Daydream, a minimalistic, multi-functional seat, at this year's Salone del Mobile.  The sculpture like seat, inspired by the lemniscate (symbol for infinity), offers users new and unexpected ways of sitting, lounging and interacting.  Designed by Assaf Israel as a continuation of the D&A seating system, the seat enables the user to lounge in an incline position, promoting a relaxed and meditative state. Joynout will be launching the Daydream in ten different colours, with potential for more in time.  

Made in Italy from high quality, durable materials, the Daydream is intended for both public and private spaces and seats up to two people comfortably. The seat is formed by two interlocking identical cushioned panels, creating an object that has no clear beginning or end. Through its simplicity, the form of the Daydream evokes something boundless and eternal. The frame of the Daydream is made from timber, the textiles are by Kvadrat and the removable head cushion makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.  

Created in reaction to the current trend of perpetually moving forward, the Daydream is inspired by the human experience, encouraging users to disengage with external distractions and find themselves in the space. When seating two however, the Daydream promotes interaction by creating a synergy between the users. In an alienated world, the Daydream aims to bring people closer to one another. 

Also on display at the Joynout exhibit in Milan will be the brand’s Tipi Shelf, a nomadic inspired versatile furniture item that can be used as a desk, bookshelf and shelving unit.  

"The importance of daydreaming has already been proven in studies.  It comes to remind us that every good thing needs its own time.  When we are not obsessed by challenges, our brains make cognitive leaps.  After thinking about this for some time I had a vision of a fragile-looking object, with a strong feel of hovering. The Daydream is designed for mental and physical relaxation.  It is an object that allows us to break away from the hectic reality and remind ourselves how important it is to enjoy the moment."  Assaf Israel, Founder of Joynout


The DayDream meets all appropriate flammability requirements for seating.
Dimensions: 162cm Length X 138cm Width X 96cm Height

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About Joynout
Joynout studio, based in Tel Aviv and Milan was founded in 2012 by Assaf Israel, who holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel.  The studio specialises in the creation of new products and concepts for contract and public spaces.  The values that guide Joynout's design process are innovation, quality, user experience and spreading joy.  Joynout studio provides design services and consultancy for furniture companies and architecture firms, while also producing their own creations.  Joynout products are made with quality materials and are built to last.  In a world that favours virtual reality, Joynout aims to change people's perceptions and conceptions, bringing new tiding to the tangible spaces which belong to all of us. 

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