Asia-Terranean Summer Menu from award-winning Tel Aviv restaurant TAIZU

Tandoori Red Mullets- Image credit to Yafit Simch

Tandoori Red Mullets- Image credit to Yafit Simch

June  2016: Award-winning  Chef  Yuval  Ben  Neriah  brings his signature Asia-Terranean concept to Taizu's new 2016 Summer Menu comprising of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The overall culinary vision is based on Ben   Neriah’s   personal interpretation of street foods spanning five different countries in South East Asia–India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The menu varies from an East meets West-inspired Wild Fish Ceviche spiced with Yellow Chilli Cream and hints of Thai Okra to a unique take on the Indian dish Shpondra (short ribs) that contrasts the sweet flavours of Japanese pumpkin with the sour zest of Apple Cider. The newly created dessert takes a complementary, yet contemporary spin on the traditional apples & cheese, combining fresh Brioche with a Cucumber Sorbet. For full menu, please see below.

Curated by Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio, the interior design of the restaurant also takes inspiration from the Chef's excursions through the Far East, as well as from the five elements of Chinese Philosophy (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth). Most recently Ben Neriah's interpretation of an authentic Japanese Ramen bar, Miazaki, has been opened in the Tel Aviv North Food Market.


1. Wild Fish Ceviche | Yellow Chili Cream | Thai Okra | Kalamssa | Sweet Potatoes | Wood Sorrel
2. Lobster Dumpling | Tamar Tomato | Thai Chili | Tapioca | Bergamot
3. Tandoori Red mullets | Sour Cream | Roasted Almonds| Cilantro | Tilkut Masala
4. Roasted Shpondra (short ribs) | Apple Cider | Japanese pumpkin | Taizu Nan
5. Apples & Cheese | Cream Cheese | Apples | Fennel | Quince | Brioche | Cucumber Sorbet | Bergamot


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Notes to Editors:

The Taizu restaurant, an Asia Terranean Kitchen based in Tel Aviv, opened its doors in 2013 with a unique culinary vision and design concept based on renowned chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s personal interpretation of street foods of five countries in South East Asia-India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The interior, created by renowned Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem along with interior designers Sigal Baranowitz and Gali Amit, is rooted in two main themes - the five elements of ancient Chinese Philosophy (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth) and the culinary DNA of the menu. The restaurant belongs to the fine casual dining category delivering the highest level of food, design and hospitality in an informal and accessible setting. 

Address: Levinstein Tower, Derech Menachem Begin 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Head Chef: Yuval Ben Neriah
Interiors: Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio
Seats: 150 guests

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