New Images From The Restaurant By Caesarstone & Tom Dixon Milan Design Week 2016

Four conceptual kitchens inspired by the elements take over the historical Rotonda della Besana delivering an experimental food concept

Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone, in collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon, unveil new images from 'The RESTAURANT by Caesarstone & Tom Dixon, a multi-sensory creation consisting of four conceptual kitchens and dining halls inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Created using Caesarstone surfaces and designed by Tom Dixon, these are taking over the Milan Children’s Museum (MUBA) in the historical Rotonda della Besana during the 2016 design festival in Milan. 

Set within the ideal backdrop of a 17th century Cloister and a deconsecrated church, the installation provides a unique interpretation of how food and surfaces can interact in an exercise of distinctive tastes, smells and visuals within each kitchen. Reflecting the individual element through colour and texture, Caesarstone's surfaces become the ultimate plateau for a creative dining experience that engages all the senses. 

For this installation, a food concept curated by Italian food design studio Arabeschi explores the power of nature’s elements in a menu that combines traditional ingredients with modern techniques.  Cooking in the kitchens, the chefs are creating a multi-sensory dining experience where food is prepared and served on Tom-Dixon designed Caesarstone surfaces, combining rare, element-inspired cooking techniques with fresh and unique ingredients.

Kitchen Descriptions

The EARTH kitchen, inspired by the ancient Roman aqueducts, incorporates earthy brown tones of selected Caesarstone designs including light mushroom coloured Tuscan Dawn and Concetto Albero, made from assembled segments of petrified wood.

The FIRE kitchen is inspired by charred wood and smoke, using blackened beams and hints of gold in combination with Caesarstone's dramatic blacks and dark greys: Vanilla Noir, Raven and Coastal Grey.

The WATER kitchen reflects the jagged edges of frozen ice and has been interpreted using a spectrum of Caesarstone grey and white tonalities. Varying from steaming to freezing, the kitchen will experiment with the material by subjecting it to extreme temperatures.

Inspired by urban architecture, the AIR kitchen is created with thin, vertically-placed Caesarstone slabs and cut-outs that serve as cooking counters. Caesarstone’s Raw Concrete and Noble Grey create an urban, light background for the completion of the culinary experience - the dessert bar.

The Caesarstone designs used in the four kitchens are:

Earth Kitchen: 5380 Emporadoro, 8330 Albero, 5104 Tuscan Dawn

Fire Kitchen: 5100 Vanilla Noir, 6003 Coastal Grey, 4120 Raven

Air Kitchen: 5211 Nobel Grey, 4004 Raw Concrete

Water Kitchen: 4001 Fresh Concrete, 5111 Statuario Nuvo, 6600 Nugat, 5130 Cosmopolitan White, 4003 Sleek Concrete

Food Elements and Menu 

AIR - Skyfruit

cream | meringue | fruit of the air | egg | aromatic herbs

In a small collection of recipes, air is the very matter of preparation. Egg is the fruit of this environment, its versatile combinations with air and whipped cream arranged with other uplifting counterparts to create a landscape of aromatic clouds and void.

For this purpose, the vacuum sealer and mixer work with Air’s transforming powers creating density of all kinds. 

EARTH - The root box

roots | mushrooms | terracotta | hay | brown sugar

Ingredients pulled from the warm embrace of the ground are prepared to a recipe that makes use of the flavourful surroundings of barns and soil. The recipe is prepared with the traditional cooking method of the hay box, which uses hay to isolate the heat of the cooking process stretching it for hours. 

The combination oven as well as the induction zone are utilised to recreate the feeling of soil life, and all its comfort. 

FIRE - Black Flat

layered dough | spices| cheese | smoke

Dough and heat go into play around crispy surfaces and layers that are about to merge. Blackness, as the remains of a lapsed fire, entirely enlaces the bread. Cheese balances out with a savoury softness. 

The sear hob, a flat heatable metal square, works here as a cooking device able to roast like the sun or heat as a fire that just dwindled. 

WATER - Floating garden (aromatic stock with frozen leaves)

frozen herbs and vegetables | vegetable stock| 

A twist on the traditional “stock“. Hot steaming aromatic broth transforms frozen leaves into moving green, tinging the liquid slowly.

An induction zone and chill blaster transform water into all its states.


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