New Images: Chapel of 19th century French hospital transformed into W Tel Aviv-Jaffa Lounge Bar

Old Jaffa set to become the grand destination for Spring and Passover holiday visitors

May 2016: Opening Fall 2016 in the heart of Old Jaffa, the W Tel Aviv – Jaffa Hotel and Residences release new images of the nearly completed renovation of the 19th century French Hospital's Chapel, set to become the W Hotel and Residences Lounge Bar.

The restoration began three years ago under the stewardship of world-renown British architect and minimalist designer John Pawson, and Ramy Gill Architects and a team of dozens of restoration experts. They successfully uncovered long-concealed layers of paint, disassembled the original windows and restored them with imported lead glass and carried out expert restoration on the Chapel, returning the interiors of the space to their former glory. In transforming the 19th century French Hospital into an exclusive W-branded property, the experts have preserved the historic building giving it new life as part of the 32 residences and 127 room hotel which enjoy an Away Spa, signature restaurant, courtyard, fitness centre, Lounge Bar, and outside deck with pool.

The Chapel is situated in the French Hospital building. Fourteen mosaic windows, a decorative plaster dove and layers of painted colours that have been meticulously unveiled through the restoration process, provide the backdrop of the W Hotel and Residences Lounge Bar. In addition to the grand Chapel, a main feature Wall from the Crusader era will form the central decoration of the W Living Room, whilst concealed arches rediscovered in the 19th century building's basement will create the unique environment for the signature restaurant.

The property is located in the major tourist destination and World Heritage site of Old Jaffa, known for being the oldest constantly inhabited city in the world. In the past few years Jaffa including the famous Flea Market, has seen a significant boom in the property market. The boom and gentrification phenomenon have cemented its position as an exclusive lifestyle destination, thriving with restaurants, shops and leisure opportunities. Jaffa is expected to attract large crowds of visitors for the Spring and Passover holidays and provide them with an ideal destination to fully experience the festivities.  

Jacob Peres Office