Aqua Creations creates a bespoke installation for the Tel Aviv Sea Hotel combining craftsmanship and revolutionary lighting technology

September 2016: Lighting and Furniture Atelier Aqua Creations has completed a custom Video Art Lamp (VAL) for the newly renovated lobby of the Sea Hotel. 

The lighting installation continues the Atelier’s signature craftsmanship using hand formed laser-cuts to which a unique polymer is applied forming the shades. Utilising innovative addressable RGB LED technology, each LED is individually controlled through micro-computing to display customized moving images.  

VAL features 3 trapezoidal parts that are installed above the reception desk. The design reflects the Hotel’s aesthetic of geometrical shapes with straight lines and sharp angles, and is composed of LEDs that display a perpetual motion picture in cool blue and warm pink colour temperatures.  

The video is intentionally displayed in low resolution, and showcases several people gesturing toward each other, evoking the communal feeling typical of hotel lobbies.

“For this installation, I wanted to create a custom piece that embraces the overall design of the reception area.  I was inspired by the communal space to create a set of lights featuring barely recognizable figures, reminiscent of the constant influx of people in hotel lobbies.  The movement within the video and the low resolution draw attention to the beginning of the digital age, before technology consumed the world and people could simply be without doing” – Albi Serfaty, Founder and Creative Director of Aqua Creations.    


Notes to Editors:
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VAL dimensions: 154x47" / 390x120cm
The piece features 15,000 LEDs that display the video. 

About Aqua Creations:
Aqua Creations is a lighting and furniture Atelier that was founded in 1994 as the small household business of photographer Albi Serfaty and artist Ayala Serfaty and has now grown into an international brand with global sales and displays in over 100 lighting and interior stores worldwide. In 2015, Aqua opened its SoHo NYC flagship showroom, located at 78 Grand Street, New York, NY, 10013. Aqua's pieces are all made to order by skilled artisans who individually hand craft using high specification materials. Aqua's hand fabrication and in-house design resource allow for bespoke options and custom designs for residential, commercial and hospitality uses. The lights are created using advanced and sustainable lighting technology with multiple options for color temperature and dimming control. All collections are exclusive and purchased only from Aqua Creations and its worldwide affiliates.

About Sea Hotel:
Founded in 1993, the Sea Hotel is a beach-front boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. Its lobby was fully renovated in 2016. The Hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites that overlook the Mediterranean along with an array of leisure services including complimentary yoga classes, fitness facilities, sauna and a breakfast buffet. The Sea Hotel is characterised by an intimate setting, contemporary design and innovative technology.



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